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Great game! Fun, very nice looking but the flash light life is way to short. I had to use the god mode to keep the game more fun and enjoyable. Other then that awesome game!

(Video Length 9:22)

Forged By Games Dementia playthrough

To watch my play through of Dementia click the image to be redirected to YouTube.

Gave it a go...

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(I forgot to post this comment when I played the game ^^')

This was such a great game! The atmosphere alone gave me goosebumps and had me on the edge of my seat the entire time! I did have a few of issues with controls, I had to keep switching between keyboard/mouse and controller every now and then for interactions to work :/ I also felt as though the jump-scares were a little bit lacking with sound effects. If that last one had a good scream in it, I would've been horrified haha. Overall I really enjoyed this game and hope it get's a more fleshed out release soon!!

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el juego es muy bueno pero que puede esta para computadora


Can i play this game with Keyboard and mouse ?

watch our gameplay!!!

I've played only the first minute but there's no Keyboard scheme, only xbox controller so i couldn't recharge the flashlight or do some stuff, but the game is really cool. I hope soon you will make a version to play with keyboard.

This game has great potential! Maybe because this was just a demo, but I felt that there wasn't much of a "threat" from the wife since she appears and is taken care of quickly from some quick-action button pressing...or maybe I'm just so used to horror games nothing scares me haha. I think the only thing I would maybe suggest would be to let the flashlight last a little longer than 20-30 seconds or depending on how much you wind it depends on how long the flashlight stays on. Overall, I think this game has great potential and would love to see it finished!


Dementia looked visually stunning. The game seemed like it has a ton of potential. However, I kept getting stuck in random objects. I couldn't change the control scheme to play with mouse and keyboard. Last but not least, couldn't use an xbox controller. If this game was playable without having to jump through rings of fire to get it working, it would have a better review. 5/10 

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I liked the general idea of this game but having to wind the flashlight every 30 seconds was a little too much. 

It was a little buggy when I played it.. I wish that weren't the case. interesting concept with the wind up flashlight... but not being able to take more than two or three steps before having to wind it again kind of ruins it a bit in my opinion.

This is an honest review, great potential, needs minor work. I hope to play an updated version of this soon! 

This was fantastic. Wish there was more. Superbly done. 5/5... :)

Interesting idea and loved the sound effects! Got really creeped out by some of them 

Really cool game (even if it is short). The graphics are fantastic and it's pretty darn spooky. One thing i would want is a better indication as to the power level of the flashlight. Other then that it was a great demo!

Great game. I missed the whole point that this was required for game pad. I tried to do it with keyboard but, I think it's impossible because it's not mapped. Eventually I'll have to break out the xbox controller as, I didn't know that was an, option besides the ps4 controller.

very nice game tech demo.  would love to see a full game based around this. Couldn’t use the crowbar though.. hmmm here is my let’s play.

It was a nice short game but I'm not sure if I did everything or not.

Hello! Played this on our channel and it was absolutely amazing ! Can´t wait for the full game!

great game . hope there's gonna be a full game soon

This game is great! It feels and looks like a triple A title. Just a shame it's short! 

If you'd like to check out gameplay before downloading it, you can so here:

Hello from Spain!

Even though the game is quite short, we have enjoyed the experience. We would mostly stay with the atmosphere, very well recreated.

We hope to see and enjoy more jobs in the future. Thank you very much for your effort

Very short but it´s a great game =D

Epic i want more lol

I quite liked your game! The best bit was the quick time events for the enemies, it's rare you see those in a horror game! To be honest, it did make it a little less scary, but I thought it made it WAY MORE FUN! Snapped that ghosties neck! 

Hope you like the Lumps Play.

Text Pop-up Commentary FTW!

Great game guys! I'd definitely play the full game if you could beat your wife to death with the flashlight that has to be recharged every 30 seconds.

I could've probably explored a little more. Was confused at if this was the end of the game or not! D:

It's looking very promising, some work on the sounds for better jumpscares and maybe take away all the symbols that leads you to the objects to encourage exploration. Keep up the good work!

Very good horror game so far! The only thing that annoyed me was having to almost always having to keep powering the flashlight a lot. Besides that the game was very scary and awesome!

Hi there.  I really enjoyed playing the demo but I think I've found a bug because whenever I pick up the crowbar the bedroom door closes and I can't get back out again.  So while it's short, I've done a lil' video about this.  Sorry for my big dumb at the start.

i dont know what the game is but it sounds cool i really want to play so here i install it now.

Short Game but very fun to play got a couple of nice scares in..



I WANT A DIVORCE ! | Dementia: Mom Is Home Trial Demo Full Gameplay Walkthrough

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Hey Sir,

Finally someone had the smart idea of using the god mode to get rid of this (WIP) flashlight reloading :D Thanks you for your video man, I liked it 



Loved the game! Hope you get all the love and support you guys need if this project is going further!

Hey CoalFire,

We have already discussed about it but thanks again for your interesting feedback !


Would probably have been better without a monster? :)

Helloooo GaB,

What do you mean ? Like a walk simulator in a creepy house ? xD It's already something like that at this stage, isn't it haha
Thanks for you video :)



This game had a awesome creepy atmosphere and was really well done for a school project.  The only thing I wish is the flaslight lasted a little longer and all the controls werent only ps4 but besides that Amazing job!


Hey JDotplay,

Thank you for your video !! :) We are curently working on it to get rid of the whole PS4 layout ton this game. So it will be not confusing like that anymore on the future update.  And yeah, this flashlight is apparently an issue for everybody but I hope you enjoyed the experience  anyway. (use the god mode in the pause menu if you want to get rid of the flashlight)



Dementia is a short horror game that has a solid foundation to become something greater than the sum of its parts. As far as what's on offer here currently - it's too short and doesn't really get the blood pumping the way a horror game should do in this day and age. Still it is worth checking out for its decent visuals and spooky setting. Flashlight mechanic is a bit of a frustration though.

Hi SuperHorrorBros,

Tbh with you, this game wasn't meant to be here on  xD
We only did this for our graduation and that's the reason why it it so short. A lot of people asked us to share this experience with the community, and now that we are seeing all those feedbacks and encouragments to do something better with it.
It brings us to the idea of what could be this game in the future !! And we are seriously thinking about it. But let's start with smaller update first, like fixing this flashlight :P

Peace !


I enjoyed this game quite a bit! I wish it was longer! Also I love the flashlight mechanic! way better than looking for batteries! Loved playing it on my channel!


Hey pTs42,

I seriously had a good time watching your video man :) Keep up the good work and thank you for your feedback !


I finally got my PS4 controller to work on here but once loaded into the game my character looks straight up and just starts to spin and I don't how to fix it. If you know how let me know as I want to play this, if not let me know when you update the game and I will play it. Best of luck!


Hey Jonny,

For some unknown reasons, even if your are using a tool like DS4Tool to emulate an Xbox controller, the camera is doing weird rotation. We are totally aware of that :/
The only thing that I can advice you to do for now, is simply using an Xbox controller. I really hope thaht you have one.


What's up everyone? My name is Slester, so the game is cool it has that vibe. I know it is a trial version but i feel like it kinda lacks of scariness. I bet you guys can come up with way more scary things. other than that the game is good, anyways here is my gameplay video i hope you guys will enjoy it!



Hey Slester,

I would like to thank you for your video man :) I totally agree with you about the scariness , I also feel like we could do way better than that. But keep in mind that it was a first experience for us. And the horror genre is not an easy type of game to tackled :D


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